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Chimmony situated in Thrissur district of Kerala is famous for the wildlife sanctuary. Blessed by the natural beauty this protected area is an essential part of Western ghats above 40 to 1116 meters from the sea level at the valleys of Nelliyampathy.

The Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary located in the serene ambiance of Western Ghats is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary is a haven of different species of endangered plants animals and birds.

Established in 1984 this wild life sanctuary spreads around 85.067 square kilometer. This is the best place to explore wildlife and involve yourself in various activities.

Things To See and Do in Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

Chimmony is not explored much. Not many people know about the pristine beauty of Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary. Chimmony is located at a distance of 60 km from Kochi International Airport and 36 km from Thrissur town.

The climate here is very nice. From December to April the climate is warm and from May to November its cool. Highest temperature during March and April goes upto 24 to 30 degree Celsius. Monsoon is during the month of June and July.

During cold the temperature decreases upto 15 degrees. There is an artificial Dam in here. The place has evergreen, semi evergreen and leaf shedding forests. Best time to visit is from September to March.

Flora & Fauna at Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is a rich with various flora and fauna. Chimmony Sanctuary is popular for the number of large mammals. Tiger, Asian elephant and wild dogs are common here. Also there are so many other species like Indian giant squirrel, Nilgiri langur and slender loris.

The sanctuary also houses 192 avian species. Five of the endemic bird species of Western ghats is found here. One can see Grey headed bulbul, Indian rufous babbler and white bellied blue flycatcher. There are 39 species of animals 25 species of reptiles, 31 species of fishes, 14 species of Amphibians and 160 species of birds.

All major species of fauna of peninsular India are found in the sanctuary. One can find deer, wolves also . The sanctuary offers wonderful opportunity for trekking. The sanctuary offers trekking paths for the adventure traveller.

There are tribal communities within the range of the sanctuary. The main tribal community being The Malaya community. They have an important role in preserving the wildlife of the sanctuary. Tribal based eco tourism project is progressing well in the region.

Chimmony Dam

Nestled in the wonderful sanctuary is the Chimmony dam. The dam is constructed at Echippara across Chimmony river. Peechi Dam and Mangalam Dam surrounds the place.

One speciality about this dam is the absence of canal system. Here the water impounded in the reservoir will be made available to the Kole land fields through the river and existing canal system by means of regulator. The dam also provides water to different regions of the district connected with Kurumali river.

Eco tourism offers so many interesting options like Bamboo Rafting, birding trail, butterfly safari, nature walk for children, Jungle craft and animal tracking, moonlight sonata, nature trail, orchid trail and night stay at forest. All these activities brings us close to nature.

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Where To Stay @ Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

There are not much staying option in here. Some good staying options in here are Chimmony Eco Lodge, Eco Retreat, Eco Camp and Campsite. These hotels set in the natural ambiance are the best places to stay in Chimmony. Some of the hotels offer Eco tourist activities also.

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