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Kerala has a mixture of Dravidian and Aryan culture and also influence from overseas lands. The majority of Kerala population is from the Dravidian races who inhabit Southern part of India also. The culture of Kerala is rich and heterogeneous. Kerala has so many numbers of Rivers and it's been said that most of the cultures in Kerala is originated in the banks of Rivers. So many historical and religious events happened in the banks of these rivers. Apart from the scenic beauty, the culture of Kerala is also a major attraction to this place.

Kerala has a mixed and cosmopolitan culture which was the contribution of many different races of people who visited this land from ancient times. Hinduism is the principal religion in Kerala with considerable number of Muslims and Christians. Though caste system exist in Kerala, the place is also famous for Religious harmony. Communal violation is not an issue in Kerala like so many other states in India.

The culture and tradition of Kerala is reflected in its art forms and cuisines. Kathakali, a three hundred year old dance form developed in Kerala is a combination of performing arts like Opera, Ballet, Masque and pantomime. Over the centuries so many other art forms developed in Kerala. The main art forms of Kerala are Krishnanattam, Mohiniyattam, Thullal, Koodiyattam, Kolkali, Thiruvathirakali, Oppana and Chavittunatakam.

Kerala is isolated from some other parts of the country by the mountainous Western Ghats. But the long coastline welcomed so many foreigners to this place. Many westerners, Arabs, Portuguese and Chinese came to Kerala through this coastline. As a result, Kerala culture has foreign influence also.

Kerala is a highly politicised region. The literacy rate in Kerala is also high. People in Kerala are well aware of the current affairs and political issues in the country. The lifestyle in Kerala is very simple yet the quality of life is high. People in Kerala don’t believe in show off. They are happy and contented with what they have.

The festivals and art forms are colourful and reflects the culture of this beautiful land. Most of the festivals in Kerala are more like a socio cultural event. Like the beauty of the land the culture of this place also will be an amazing experience.

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