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The breathtaking beauty of Kerala attracts thousands of people to this place. Though it's one of the most popular tourist destination in the world you have to take care of certain things before going to Kerala. The following tips will be useful for you.

Kerala Travel and Safety Measures

Although the people in Kerala are genuinely simple, polite and good natured there are some anti social elements like every other place. So it's better to take some precautions while travelling. Do not wear revealing clothes and keep your valuables safe. It's better to avoid public display of affection like hugging and kissing as it is not accepted in Kerala society.


Currency used in Kerala is Indian Rupee. Foreigners can bring unlimited foreign currency, money exchange in Kerala is easy as there are so many exchange centres, but it will take some time.


Credit cards and debit cards are accepted in main hotels, restaurants and shopping centres.

Best Time for Visit Kerala:

The weather in Kerala is pleasant throughout the year. Yet the best time to visit Kerala is September - March. Monsoon is also an ideal time to go for warm massages. Read more..


Communication will not be a problem in Kerala. Kerala may look untouched by time, but all modes of communication are available here. Read more..

Foods Available in Kerala:

Various types of foods are available in Kerala. All standard restaurants in Kerala offers Mughlai, Chinese,Continental, Indian, Fast Food and traditional Kerala foods. Read more..


There is no strict restriction or rules for clothes to wear in Kerala, but nudity is strictly not allowed in Kerala. Cottons are an ideal option in Kerala’s climate. Sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and hats will be handy while travelling.Read more..

Languages Spoken in Kerala:

The official language of Kerala is Malayalam. But almost everyone in Kerala can converse in English. So you don’t have to worry about communication.

Health and Safety:

Keep your medical certificates and medicines with you. Avoid purchasing any illegal stuff. Heavy penalty with imprisonment is there for possession of narcotic drugs. Avoid eating cut fruits and raw salads, and avoid drinking roadside water. Better to avoid street food.

Emergency Numbers :
  • Police Control Room - 100
  • Fire Station - 101
  • Ambulance - 101
  • Police Helpline (While traveling on Highways): 9846 100 100
  • Police Helpline (While traveling in Trains): 9846 200 100
Temple Codes

Few temples in Kerala do not permit entry to non-Hindus. Strict dress codes are followed in most of the temples. Footwear is banned inside the temple premises.


Nudity is not allowed in any Kerala beach.


Smoking is banned in public places.

Footwear in Houses

Visitors to most Kerala houses leave their footwear outside before entering the house.

Demonstrativeness in Public

Behaviour, demonstrating affection in public like hugging or kissing is not an accepted practice in Kerala.

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