Like the diverse geography the climate in Kerala is also diverse. Kerala is a tropical land with generally pleasant climate. The high ranges in Kerala is cool throughout the year but plains experience hot and humid climate. Annual temperature range is comparatively low in Kerala. The coastal areas have a maximum temperature of 32 and minimum of 22 degree Celsius.

There are three major seasons in Kerala. They are Summer (February - May), Monsoon (June - August and October - November) and Winter (December - January) with an interval of mild weather between August and October. No significant falling, but towards the height of summer there is a partial falling of leaves. During the period February to May it gets increasingly hot , and temperature reaches up to 35 degree centigrade.

Summer Season

When compared to other states in India, Summer in Kerala is moderate. It is the Western ghats that prevents the entry of the dry northern winds. In addition to that the cool breeze from the Arabian sea blowing towards this small green land make the summer pleasant. Sudden downpours and thunderstorms occur in Summer.

Monsoon Season

By the end of May or beginning of June the scenario changes completely. This is the time for monsoon in Kerala. In this season the climate is dark and cold. Wind from Southwest begins to flow from the oceans, the clouds cover the sun and the rain begins to pour. The southwest monsoon lasts till August and there is a pleasant interval of two months before north-east monsoon. The weather at this time is nice. This is the harvesting time in Kerala. The north east monsoon is different with thunder and lightning.

Winter Season

The winter in Kerala is cool with the temperature falling up to 25 degree centigrade. Mornings are pleasant with the fog covering the trees and buildings. Also, Winter is the time for major pilgrimages and festivals in Kerala.