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Beaches have always been a temptation to humans. Kerala the land of beauty and serenity has a 600 km long shoreline with some of the finest beaches in the world. The beaches in Kerala dotted with coconut groves, natural harbors, lagoons and sheltered coves is a charming experience.

Kerala, God’s own country is indeed God’s one of the best creations. If you any doubt about it-visit the place and you will come back falling in love with the same. The state is a perfect blend of scenic beauty and architectural magnificence. From sun-kissed beaches to dense forests and vegetation to pilgrim centers, the state promises a perfect tourists’ destination.

Swaying palm trees, the warmth of the sand, gentle waves and the peaceful ambiance of these Kerala beaches have made them the most popular tourist attractions in the world. There are so many renowned beaches in Kerala.

1. Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is a famed beach with an endless expanse of sugar white sandy shore and sparkling cerulean waters. A mountain cliff overlooks the beach that is extremely beautiful. Kovalam beach is situated just 12 km far from the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.

Its sandy beaches are lined with palm-fringed lagoons and rocky coves. This tiny beach is ferrying thousands of tourists from all around the world and has a wide range of accommodation for the budget as well as luxury tourists.

Kovalam beach is segregated by rocky promontories into three coconut palm fringed crescent beaches. The southernmost beach is most popular among tourists and it is also known as Lighthouse beach, this name comes from the red and white striped Lighthouse on the beach which adds on beauty to the exotic beach.

The enchanting beach of Kovalam is endowed with amazing natural beauty. The beach gets alive at time of sunset and night life at kovalam is incredible. The beach complex comprises of a string of budget cottages, Ayurvedic health resorts, convention facilities, shopping zones, swimming pools, Yoga and Ayurvedic massage centres.

Kovalam is a natural bay ideal for kayaking, swimming, surfing and skiing. One can swim in the shallow blue water and have a sunbath in the exquisite tropical sun can adorn you with a good suntan. The coast at many places is lined with beautiful patches of coral reefs or you can crest the waves on logs of lashed woods on catamarans.

Kovalam is a place to look forward for some relaxing and rejuvenating ayurvedic massages and health treatments. There are a number of ayurvedic spas in Kovalam. Some offer an oil massage, others offer up to 21-day treatments including a special diet and daily massage. Kovalam is visited by tourists from all over the world to benefit from the revitalising properties of Ayurveda.

2. Cherai Beach

Cherai is a small beautiful region in the Vypin Island. Cherai is historically important being the birthplace of two important political leaders of Kerala. The longest beach in Kochi is situated in Cherai. This shallow, calm 10 km beach is called the ‘The Princess of Arabian Sea’.

The beach is located near to Kochi International Airport. This golden beach is a wonderful place to relax. Cherai beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball etc. In Cherai beach you can see Dolphins occasionally.

Cherai beach is one among the rare beaches where one can experience the lagoon and ocean separated very close. Tourism fest in December is one of the main events in here. Cherai backwaters is also an amazing attractions in here. Take a backwater cruise and enjoy the beautiful village life, paddy fields, exotic birds, coconut palms and fishing.

Some other popular attractions in and around Cherai beach is Portuguese Fort built by Portuguese in 1503, Pallipuram church also built by Portuguese, Munambam Beach with walkways and playgrounds. Experience the soft touch of warm sand and enjoy the magnificent sight of sunrise. Cherai is an amazing place to visit.

3. Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad beach is a beach lovers paradise. The calm and serene atmosphere in the beach makes it a popular tourist destination. Muzhappilangad beach which stretches across a distance of four kilometer is the only drive-in beach in India. This is what makes it unique.

If you want to experience the wonderful feeling of driving in and through the sea, Muzhappilangad beach is the perfect place for you. Muzhappilangad, the one and only drive in beach in Kerala bordered by black rocks and shallow water is an ideal place for swimming also.

The beach is situated 8 km away from Thalassery and 15 km away from Kannur, a northern district in Kerala. The long stretch that measures around 4 kilometers, is the ideal place to laze around or go for a drive. The Muzhappilangad beach is clean and well maintained and is one of the best places to hang around in Kannur.

The shores of the beach are lined with black rocks which protects it from lashing waves and currents from the ocean. The natural shallow pool of water make it an ideal place to swim also. The palm fringed beach is a natural hide away from the tropical sun.

Just 150 meters south from the beach is the beautiful island Dharmadam. The unspoilt and unexplored natural beauty of the island is visible from the beach. Muzhappilangad beach is the perfect place for drive, swim or just laze around with its charming ambiance.

4. Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi beach with swaying palm trees, green bushes, rocky surface, the beautiful Chinese fishing net and soft touch of waves is the perfect location to sit back and relax peacefully. It’s one of the most favorite hangouts.

5. Alappuzha Beach

The spectacular Alappuzha beach has always been a great attraction for tourists. This beach with a children’s park and boating facilities is the best place to spend time with your family. The old lighthouse and 140 year old pier which extends into the sea in Alappuzha beach add elegance to this beach.

6. Shanmugam Beach

Shanmugam beach, a popular city beach near Thiruvananthapuram airport. This beach with so many recreation facilities is a refreshing destination for city people. This is a favorite spot for sunset watchers. Major attractions in Shanmugham beach are the indoor recreation club, Matsyakanyaka (gigantic sculpture of a mermaid ) and a star fish shaped restaurant.

7. Varkala Beach

Varkala beach, a quiet and isolated sandy beach is the perfect place to relax without the crowd and bustle. The wonderful landscape with high rocky cliffs, sand and sea are a spectacular sight. The sunset in Varkala beach is marvelous.

8. Poovar Beach

Poovar is a natural wonder where lake, river and sea meet the land. Poovar beach near the Kovalam beach separates the river Neyyar from the sea. Poovar beach is a favorite spot for those who prefer solitude.

9. Kozhikode Beach

The natural beauty and serenity of Kozhikode beach with old light house and two pier, and the rock studded Kappad beach which is historically important being the place where Vasco Da Gama landed first are the two attractions in Kozhikode.

10. Dharmadam Island Beach

Dharmadam island, a beautiful landscape covered with coconut palms and dense green bushes is situated 17 km from Kannur. One can see this beach from the Muzhappilangad beach. During low tide one can even walk into the island from the beach which is surrounded by rivers and sea.

11. Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam beach has a special charm with beautiful stretch of sand and gentle waves along with a sculpture of mother and child. This beach is also situated in Kannur.

12. Bekal Beach

Another beach which worth a visit is Bekal beach in Kasaragod district. The virgin beauty of Bekal beach is an ideal place for relaxation. The centuries old fort in the beach, Bekkal Fort facing the Arabian sea is marvelous.

Other stunning beaches in Kerala are Samudra beach, Thirumullavaram beach, Thiruvambadi beach, kappil beach, Papanasam beach, Valiathura beach, Padinjarekkara beach, Vallikkunnu beach, Valapattanam beach, Beypore beach, Kizhunna beach, Payyoli beach and Meenkunnu beach.

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