One Day Trivandrum Local Sightseeing Trip by Cab
One Day Thiruvananthapuram to Kanyakumari Sightseeing Trip by Cab

The beauty of Kerala is beyond words. Kerala, the green beautiful land offers a visual ecstasy. Stunning landscapes and the serenity of Kerala made it the most popular tourist destination. It is surprising that the quality of life in this small land is greater than any other state in India. In fact the life quality in Kerala is closer to the West.

By retaining the traditional values, Kerala has adapted easily to the modern lifestyle. Kerala holds the highest literacy rate in India. Like men, women in Kerala are also educated. Women in Kerala share an equal status as men unlike other states in India. In terms of high quality life and social welfare, Kerala is the most progressive state in India. People in Kerala enjoy a unique cosmopolitan outlook.

The progressive thinking of people in Kerala made it a better place to live. The people in here are not affected by the evils such as female child homicide, sex selective abortions etc. Women in here enjoy many rights unlike other states in India. Like men, women also work in Government and private sectors. Kerala has many skilled technical workers and medical staff. Many of these are working abroad and supporting their family. Compared to other states poverty and unemployment is less in Kerala.

Over 90 % of people in Kerala own land where their home stands. Though caste system exists, there is an incredible communal harmony in Kerala. There is no chance to communal violence. Education is most important in Kerala. Though life in Kerala is simple the quality of life is high. Most of the people of Kerala are aware of the current affairs and politics. Kerala society is highly flexible to changes and can accept new traditions and cultures without any hesitation.The law and order in Kerala is the best in the country. The urbanization rate in Kerala is great. In case of health, human rights, education, environment and economy Kerala is far better than other states.

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