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Kerala, the land of natural beauty and serenity is one of the most famous tourist destination all over the world. Kerala is blessed with all the diverse attractions including serene backwaters, exotic hill stations, sun kissed beaches, dense green vegetation etc.

But the most unique among all is the serene beauty of backwaters. Kerala backwaters are made up of over 900 km of interconnected waterways, rivers, lakes and inlets. Based on this beautiful backwaters there is a unique ecosystem where lagoons, lakes, rivers and canals meet the Arabian sea.

Backwaters offers scenic beauty and tranquility. A houseboat cruise on these backwaters explore the beauty of backwaters completely.

Green paddy fields, colourful exotic birds, amazing village life, splendid sunsets and waxing moonlight make the journey through the backwaters mesmerising. Traditional Kerala houseboat journey is the best way to explore the beauty of the backwaters.

Backwater Destinations in Kerala

1. Kollam

Kollam also called as the cashew town is the gateway to Kerala backwaters. Kollam backwaters extend from the Ashtamudi lake and is mesmerising. The backwater tour from Kollam to Alappuzha is the longest backwater tour in Kerala. There are so many other popular backwater destinations in Kerala.

A visit to Kollam is complete only with a houseboat cruise through Ashtamudi Lake. Ashtamudi lake in Kollam is the second largest and deepest ecosystem in India. This is a palm shaped extensive water body with eight prominent arms. This lake is the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala.

Along the banks of lake you can see the waving coconut palms and green paddy fields. This is the best way to watch the simple village life of Kerala. Another attractive sight is the colourful exotic birds. There is an Adventure Park on the shore of Ashtamudi lake.

2. Alleppey

Alleppey also known as Alappuzha situated in between the shores of Arabian Sea and the beautiful Vembanad lake has always been the popular attraction in Kerala. Alappuzha is most famous for its serene backwaters, traditional houseboats, the houseboat cruise through the backwaters, snake boat races, fabulous lagoons, picture perfect lakes, world famous coir industry and so many other attractions.

It is a place blessed with immense natural beauty. The eye catching beauty of Alleppey is explored completely by a houseboat cruise in the backwaters. Kuttanad, the rice granary of Kerala is situated in Alleppey and has some enchanting backwaters.

One popular attraction of Alleppey is Kuttanad. This rice bowl of Kerala is situated at the heart of the backwaters. Kuttanad at the backwaters of Alappuzha is a wonderful place to visit. The boat races conducted in Alappuzha is a thrilling experience.

There are so many boat races conducted in Alappuzha. The Nehru Trophy boat race which is named in the fond memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is one among them which is renowned internationally. The speed and thrill of the boat race is really amazing. The snake boat races in Alleppey is also popular.

A visit to Alleppey is not complete without a backwater cruise. It is the only way to explore the complete beauty of this small beautiful village. This will be one of the most memorable journey of your life with the sight of green paddy fields, exotic birds, tall coconut trees, splendid sunsets, waxing moonlight and the view of simple village life.

Exotic Alappuzha beach is one place you can’t miss in Alappuzha. The touch of warm sand and the gentle waves in the beach is a soothing experience. Alleppey beach is a popular picnic spot. The old lighthouse and the pier that extends into the sea add a special charm to the beach.

3. Kochi

Kochi is one of the most visited backwater destination in kerala. Many backwater cruises begins or ends in Kochi. The beauty of Kochi backwaters can be enjoyed completely by staying in a houseboat.

4. Kasargod

Kasargod, the northern district of Kerala has many beautiful backwater destinations. Many of the backwater cruises in and around the historic forts in Kasargod offers an amazing sight of many exotic birds and thick green vegetation. Backwater cruise around Chandragiri and Valiyaparamba in Kasargod is an amazing experience. the spectacular view of sunset in Chandragiri is an amazing experience.

5. Kumarakom

Kumarakom, a place blessed with beauty and serenity is another popular backwater destination in Kerala. The blue backwaters of Kumarakom with its extensive bionetwork is a magnificent sight. A traditional houseboat cruise in Kumarakom backwaters offers the wonderful sight of green paddy fields, luxuriant mangrove trees, colourful birds and flowers and many more.

6. Thiruvallam

Thiruvallam, the most popular backwater destination is the confluence of two rivers. The natural beauty of this backwater attracts more number of tourists every year.

7. Kottayam

The famous Vembanad lake made Kottayam a popular tourist destination. The backwater cruise in through Kottayam backwaters offers the sight of historic churches and temples. Pallam backwaters is an enchanting backwaters located to the south of Kottayam town.

Pallam is a typical Kerala rural with simple and peaceful villages dotted with green paddy fields, tall coconut trees and scenic backwaters. This village is a favorite haunt of migratory birds. Migratory birds visit this verdant landscape every summer and stay in this magnificent land till the end of the season.

Pallam Backwater of Kottayam offers an amazing Backwater journey exploring the beauty of the village. A traditional houseboat cruise in the river Kodoorar to Kumarakom via Pallom backwaters is a great way to relax and enjoy the stunning natural beauty.

The old lighthouse put up at this site in 1813 A.D. is another popular attraction of this village. The wonderful architecture of the light house still stands intact facing the placid backwaters providing an excellent view of the lush green paddy fields and swaying coconut palm.

8. Thiruvananthapuram

The capital city Of Kerala is popular for its terrific backwaters. Thiruvallam is a stunningly beautiful serene backwater in Thiruvananthapuram. This soothing stretch of backwater is one of the most visited places in Thiruvananthapuram. The renowned Canoe rides in Thiruvallam made this place special.

A journey through this backwaters will definitely be a refreshing experience with the sight of lagoons, green paddy fields, tall gracious coconut trees, colourful exotic birds and many more. You can witness the simplicity of village life in Kerala through this journey. Make this the most exciting journey of your life.

9. Kozhikode

Kozhikode has pristine backwaters. The unexplored backwaters of Kozhikode is famous for many water sports. For exploring the beauty of this serene backwaters of Kozhikode, House Boats can are available.

Malabar Houseboats fulfill the concept of excellent hospitality and safety. Enjoy the precious time in backwaters in the first fully newly built House Boats of Kerala. Enjoy the beauty of this wonderful place in the comfort of Malabar house boats.

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