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Kasargod stands unique among other districts in Kerala. Kasargod is the land of seven languages and mixture of several cultures. This Northernmost district of Kerala is known as the land of Gods, Forts, rivers, hills and beautiful beaches.

Kasargod is a place blessed with serene backwaters, palm fringed beaches, huge and attractive forts and so many other stunning natural attractions. Add the most beautiful chapter of your life by visiting this wonderful place. Attractions in Kasaragod will give you the most beautiful moments of your life.

Places to Visit in Kasargod

1. Bekal Fort
Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort is the landmark of Kasaragod. This largest fort in Kerala spreads over 40 acres stands amidst the roaring sea with unending waves. The golden expanse of this fabulous beach surrounding the Bekal fort is called as the Bekal fort beach.

The fort seems to have built up from the sea since three fourth of its exterior is drenched. The exciting memories of a bygone era are connected with this fort. It's a major attraction of historians, tourists and nature lovers. The Hanuman temple and the Muslim Mosque in here reflects the age old religious harmony in the area.

This fort was built only for the defense purpose unlike other forts in Kerala. The zigzag entrance and the trenches around the fort show the defense strategy connected with the fort.

The construction of the fort is attractive with the tank with its flight of steps, the opening of the tunnel towards the South, the magazine for keeping ammunition and the broad and wide steps leading to the Observation Tower which is a rare sight.

The observation tower offers you the magnificent sight of the places like Kanhangad, Pallikere beach, Bekal, Kottikulam, Uduma. From the observation tower you can view the enchanting beauty of Pallikere beach. In the past the observation tower is used for finding the smallest movements of the enemy and to make sure the safety of the fort.

The sight of sunset from the fort offers tourists the most enthralling moments . As a part of beautification of the fort installation of sculptures was done which adds beauty to this place.

2. Chandragiri

Chandragiri is a small beautiful place located on the banks of the Chandragiri river in Kasaragod. Chandragiri is well known for the huge seventeenth century fort and the backwater cruises. The fort offers an amazing view of the river and the Arabian sea. It is also a vantage point to watch the mesmerising sunset.

Chandragiri also has the most attractive backwaters in Kasaragod. A houseboat cruise through this backwaters is a relaxing experience. The Chandragiri Boat Club run by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation offers you boat trips to nearby islands and palm groves on the river. Enjoy the enclosed calm of this backwaters and make your journey a lifetime experience.

3. Valiyaparamba Backwaters
Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Valiyaparamba is one of the most beautiful stretch of backwaters in Kerala. Taking a houseboat cruise through this backwater dotted with numerous small islands will be an unforgettable experience for all.

You can see magnificent sights of colorful exotic birds, dense vegetation of coconut palms and many more. Valiyaparamba is an important fishing centre in here. Visiting Valiyaparamba will be an exciting experience for all.

4. Kottancheri Hills
Kottancheri Hills

This beautiful hills in Kasaragod is a favorite haunt of adventure lovers. These hills are the rain forest near Konnakkad north- east of Kanhangad. This hill station offers trekking and hiking. Dense forests, grasslands and medicinal plants in the mountains makes Kottancheri hills a suitable picnic place also.

5. Ranipuram

Ranipuram formerly known as Madathumala is an undulating mountain located about 780m above sea level. In beauty and serenity it's like any other hill station in India but only difference is it is warmer. Ranipuram is an ideal place for trekking. So many beautiful tourist cottages are available here.

6. Nileshwar

Nileshwar was formerly the seat of Nileshwar Rajas who belonged to the Kolathiri family. Nileshwar is the cultural centre of Kasargod. This place has great historical significance as the battle between Bednore Nayaks and Nileshwar Rajas happened here.

This is a beautiful place holding the beauty and tranquility of a typical Kerala village with the surrounding Kavus where nature, God and man commune serene silence.

Most important among them is Mannan purathu Kavu. This is where the grand finale of the annual temple festival of the region takes place. Porattu of Anjoottambalam Veerarkavu draws large crowds.

7. Malik Dinar Mosque
Malik Dinar Mosque

Kasargod is an important centre of Islam on the west coast. This site of one of the mosques believed to have been founded by Malik Ibn Dinar. Another important mosque, in Kasaragod is the Theruvath Mosque which is in the centre of the town. An important local celebration takes place every year in commemoration of the arrival of Malik Ibn Dinar. Pilgrims from all over India come for this Uroos.

8. Manjeshwar

This beautiful place of historical and religious importance lies in Kasargod district. For a long time period this was the seat of a flourishing community Konkani Brahmins. Manjeswaram is most famous for the two old Jaina Bastis at Bangra Manjeshwar.

Sree Anantheshwar temple situated on Manjeshwar is a popular attraction of this place. This is one of the most ancient temples in Kerala. Apart from this temple there are fifteen mosques in this place. Manjeshwar is an important Pilgrim centre.

Make your holiday a wonderful experience in the stunningly beautiful Kasargod district.

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