One Day Calicut Local Sightseeing Trip by Cab
One Day Calicut to Wayanad Trip by Cab

Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala in Alappuzha district comprises more than 20% of the India’s waterways by length. It is Kuttanad and its waterways; backwaters, canals and rivers made the coastal belt of Kerala rich with water.

Vast stretches of verdant paddy fields intertwined with the soothing backwaters is a breathtaking sight. This paddy fields on the banks of Vembanad lake in Alappuzha and Kottayam change its colour according to the season. You can see a refreshing green stretches of paddy field in Monsoon and a golden yellow colour in the winter.

Kuttanad is the only place where farming is done below sea level. Kuttanad has a unique lifestyle and culture. Though the world around it has grown and accepted many new culture from modern world Kuttanad is still the same.

Kuttanad is an agricultural community maintaining an unbelievable harmony with its physical setting. The day of a native starts early morning with work in paddy fields. The farmers here are experts in harvesting, fishing and rowing boats.

Being a water world the major mode of transportation in Kuttanad is small boats. Irrespective of age and sex everyone in Kuttanad are expert in rowing small boats. In Kuttanad at very young age itself people learn how to row boats and swimming.

Everything relating to Kuttanad is really magnificent, be it the serene backwaters offering an amazing ride, green paddy fields or the ancient heritage sites the experience Kuttanad offers you is special. The irresistible charm of this place will always hold it close to your heart.

Life in Kuttanad is slow paced and peaceful. Most of the natives are farmers but they also do different jobs at different seasons. The people in here are very friendly and hardworking. They are keen in preserving their culture and traditions.

There are so many colourful festivals celebrated in Kuttanad. The best ways to explore the beauty of Kuttanad is either by taking a walk through the village roads or by a houseboat cruise.

There are so many crisscross canals lined by swaying coconut trees and so many variety of colourful birds. One can see flocks of Parrots hovering in the fields, large groups of quaking ducks moving towards backwaters and can also try many local delicacies.

There are so many dishes special to Kuttanad. Among all the Kuttanadan special Pearl Spot Fish fry is the most popular among tourists. One can also hire boat and go for an exciting backwater cruise where you can completely enjoy the stunning beauty of backwaters in Kerala. The boat race conducted in here every year attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world.

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